# 500 – Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's ElevenAnd we’re off!! No turning back now…

First thing that I believe needs mentioning… did anyone else notice that Brad Pitt’s character ‘Rusty’ is always eating? He definitely does an unusual amount of eating. Strange. I can only think it’s to show off that sexy jawline…
Anyway, what a great movie to start things off! It’s a remake of the 1960’s movie that starred ‘The Rat Pack’ and is one of few (if any) that actually make the list over their originals.

I’d call it an ‘easy’ movie, I mean what’s not to like? It’s entertaining, funny and has an awesome cast. Which doesn’t really leave a whole lot more to say about it.

That’s one down! Only 499 to go…
See you tomorrow 🙂


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