# 499 – Saw

# 499 - Saw

I freakin’ LOVE Saw! Bit upset it’s so far up the list. I’m a big fan of James Wan’s movies, firstly because of Saw and secondly because he’s an Aussie. Adam (Leigh Whannell), one of the main guys, is actually Wan’s friend and wrote the screenplay. And another piece of interesting trivia… the whole movie was filmed in 18 days! Also, did you notice that all the victims that died were men?

It’s definitely a movie that makes you think the whole way through, and the twists..! I love that everything is connected and I love the slow build up. I remember first seeing it at the cinema and how I couldn’t tear my eyes away, even though I really wanted to. That horrible fucking doll! And the animal mask! Ugh.. creepy.

Points for playing a major role in the new ‘toture porn’ genre, for starting a 7 movie franchise and for making it to my top 10 fave movies of all time!


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