# 498 – Antichrist


Hmm. I actually don’t even know what to say.

The first half hour or so really is beautiful. It’s sad, deep and very intense. But I was unsure the whole time of where it was going and it always had these weird, scary undertones.

Then it went completely nuts. I feel like everything had some sort of hidden meaning, like every single second meant something. I suggest watching it if you feel like decrypting a very sexual, violent riddle. If not, then maybe you shouldn’t watch it. I also, very strongly, suggest that you don’t watch it with your dad. Watching a lady crazily masturbate under a tree in the woods just isn’t the kind of thing you want to share with family.

The acting was great! Very believable. The story though… I came in from watching it and my partner asked me what it was about. I couldn’t give him a straight answer. Gynocide? Human Nature? Porn? Either way, it made me more and more uncomfortable as it went on and when it was over I breathed a very big sigh of relief.

Dad’s words… Thank God we never have to watch that again.



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