# 491 – Amores Perros




Didn’t mind this one actually. It’s one of those movies that tells the stories from each characters point of view, I love how all of their lives cross paths at some point.
It did have subtitles and it went for about 2 1/2 hours which was a bit too long. I didn’t go too much on the ending but apart from that I enjoyed it.

It was actually quite interesting. And to put your mind at ease… none of the dogs were harmed making this movie! All the scenes where they are fighting was actually them just playing.
‘Amores Perros’ roughly translated means ‘Love’s a Bitch’, which also ties in to the relevance of the dogs.
It is the first movie in a ‘loose trilogy’ (I’m not 100% on what that actually means…) the second one is ’21 grams’ and the third ‘Babel’.


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