# 483 – Before Midnight (3) # 208 – Before Sunrise (1) #116 – Before Sunset (2)




So, Dad and I made up a rule at the beginning that if we were to come across any sequels then it made more sense to watch them all as a group, because in most cases we are going to come across a sequel first because it is higher on the list than the prequel. Take the ‘Before’ trilogy for example – the third movie was the first one we needed to watch. The first movie was the second one we would watch and the second movie would be the last one we would watch… but so far apart!
In some cases, like Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, we didn’t do this because we have seen the others and don’t need to know what has happened previously and also who has the time to watch 6 ape movies on top of the 6 we already had.

Moving on!
The Before Trilogy is a love story, but not your usual kind. It’s romantic but in a realistic way.
Each sequel adds to the one before, they are set nine years after each other and pretty much just show different stages in a relationship.
They don’t do much, just walk around and talk about love and life but it’s very interesting and it doesn’t drag on at all! Well maybe it did for Dad, but not for me.
It’s very deep and sweet and funny and sad and a bit dirty/sexy all at once. And it seemed that the script was… loosely written? I’m not sure on the correct terminology here, but what I’m trying to say is that it seemed that they were really talking to each other, not just reading lines.

Well worth the watch for the romantic types AND the realist types!


2 thoughts on “# 483 – Before Midnight (3) # 208 – Before Sunrise (1) #116 – Before Sunset (2)

  1. Twist says:

    I loved Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I think they’re clever movies and considering that the movie is in real time showing two characters just walk and have a conversation the entire time, it amazes me that I never got bored.
    Didn’t know about Before Midnight. How does it fare against the first two?

    • mej27 says:

      It’s only just been released. I think it was an important part of the story, it shows the relationship after the ‘honeymoon’ phase. But it wasn’t my favourite, lots of fighting lol!
      Still, it’s clever and you don’t get bored. It’s just not as romantic.

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