# 463 – The Hurt Locker


Really good movie, not a favourite, but still good. It does well playing with my emotions! It’s such an unknown environment for civilians like you and me, which is what intrigues me the most. I’m always interested in seeing the inner workings of these kind of jobs, especially with bombs. I can never wrap my head around how one little piece of metal can cause so much damage.

Most of the time it makes me angry, it’s hard to understand why. I would have liked an… ‘And they all lived happily ever after’… ending. But no, ‘war is a drug’. And I think they could have gone a bit deeper with the characters but apart from that it’s great.

Also directed by Kathryn Bigelow, the first woman to receive an Academy Award for best director on this movie. You go girl.


# 464 – Juno


Juno is great. An indie movie that became a huge hit!
I’ve seen this one before, after I watched ‘Whip It’ I had to see more of Ellen Page. Its about a teenage girl who falls pregnant and decides to put the baby up for adoption. It’s just something a little different, which is nice. You don’t have your usual 25 year olds playing high school kids, it’s not ‘fake’ and it has some great characters.

I love the dialogue, it’s so funny. It’s similar to other movies Michael Cera is in; witty and a little weird. It has a great soundtrack to!

FYI – Apparently, Green Day named their song ‘East Jesus Nowhere’ from a line in this movie.

If you haven’t seen it, you must do so now! And if you’ve got teenage kids, make them watch it 😉

# 465 – Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers


Is he going to singggg…..??? YES! Another musical!

Very lighthearted, fun aaannd a tad bit sexist. I was offended, at times, but I got over it in the end. After all it is set in the 1850’s… women didn’t have rights yet! It reminded me a lot at the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The director, Stanley Donen, also directed ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ (one of my top 10 fave movies). You can see the similarities in style, which is probably why I enjoyed the dancing so much!

Milly, the main character is now on my list of awesome female characters that don’t take no bull! Go Milly.

Lost points for the one liners degrading women and the lyrics in some of the songs… gets a 4!

# 466 – 12 Monkeys


Brad Pitt again! Only this time he has to compete with Bruce Willis, who I am a very big fan of.

Unfortunately though, neither of them can make me love this movie. It starts off relatively normal, in the future, then it makes you question if it’s real or if Willis is just a crazy person and then it is real but it’s not what it seems, then he’s a little boy, then he’s in WW1… Damn you time travel!

Excellent acting though! Pitt is very believable with crooked eyes and violent hand gestures (Ok, so he’s not so attractive in this one), and sometimes Willis would just sit there and drool when you expected him him to go all Die Hard on their arses. And I suppose it was pretty clever.

I think I’ll give it a…. 6.

# 467 – Snatch



I’m sorry, I have to be a girl for one sentence, just let me get it over and done with. Brad Pitt is seriously, seriously attractive. Even when he is a feral gypsy. He could be covered in shit, literal shit, and it wouldn’t phase 90% of the female population. That was 3 sentences… sorry, I’m done.

Great movie! It’s put me in an excellent mood. It’s hilarious, entertaining, got a great cast, bloody, fairly tricky storyline and some nice twists. Jason Statham is also worth a mention for this one. See, it’s not all about Brad. Also, Vinnie Jones, very funny in all his calmness.

Love the sound effects and the mix of different characters. Well done Guy Ritchie, I give it a 9!

Oh and just incase… don’t search the word ‘Snatch’ in Bing images unless you’re over 18.

# 468 – The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter


Hmm, tough one to write about.
First thought was how young De Niro and Walken look! Sometimes I forget that these guys weren’t always oldies!

Great story, very emotional. But waaaayyy to long. I think the same effect could of been had in a 90 minute movie. I liked it but at the same time was agitated because it took so long. I think the point of it all was the aftermath of war and how it changes people, so I guess that’s why they stretched out the before and afters but still, I didn’t get as into it because of that.

Loved the bromance, felt very realistic. As did the Russian roulette scenes, my heart beat a little faster every time they were about to pull the trigger.

Worth watching if you’re a war movie fan, just make sure you leave yourself a good 3 hours! Gets a 5 on my scale.

# 469 – The Crow


Yes! Loved it! This movie was made when I was in kindergarten. How I managed to go twenty years without seeing it amazes me.

Very dark and gothic which only adds to the awesomeness, I imagine it could have been a bit scary in 1994? Loved the fact that it was brutal and sweet all at once, loved the characters and loving the Lee family even more now. So very sad that he died… And during this very movie!

There is a comic book and a remake and a few sequels but I doubt anything will compare to this. It’s a must see for sure!