# 481 – Scream



I seriously love the Scream franchise. Don’t judge me. If you hate them then you might as well stop reading because I don’t have a bad word to say. Dad did, he says it’s watchable but a joke. Ha! That’s WHY I love it, Dad!!

Wes Craven. What a fricken legend. I really get into slasher movies, I don’t know why (I may have some serious issues), but what makes Scream so special is all the references. I get them! Well most of them, so it makes me feel like a true horror fan.

Did you all notice ‘Fred’ the janitor??! This is the first time I noticed him… FYI – Wes Craven directed the first Nightmare On Elm Street. I get so excited about sneaky shit like that!

Shall I take a moment to credit all the stars? No I won’t, but lets just say they all went on to semi-big things after Scream. Ok fine, mainly TV series but still! Also, this is the movie that brought Cox and Arquette together… awwww.

I could go on for days…
Just get some friends, beanbags and popcorn and have a screamfest!


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