# 474 – Enter The Dragon


Move over Jackie Chan, I have a new favourite.
Speaking of Jackie, keep an eye out for him.. I missed it (he must have been young) but he has 2 cameo scenes!

I was surprised, In a good way! I love when that happens. I was expecting some stupid storyline like ‘reclaim the stolen holy sword’ or something but instead it was ‘catch the bad guy that is drugging and killing women’. Very impressed with Bruce Lee’s acting skills and English accent. I also don’t think that man has any body fat whatsoever.

The sound effects are definitely worth a mention… They were awesome and quite hilarious, I think we will forever be doing Bruce Lee impersonations now.

The whole movie was filmed without sound, they done it all after apparently. Once you know that you can tell but it’s not that bad while you’re watching it.

I’m going to give it an 8.


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