# 471 – The Hunt

The Hunt


A perfect example of why it sucks, at times, to live in a small town.

GRR! It made me so angry, I had a constant ball of hate in my chest the whole movie. Which I guess means it was great because it really engaged this audience member!

A kindergarten teacher is wrongly accused of a horrible thing, I’m pretty sure you can all guess what that might be, and everyone was against him right away. Even when the little girl who accused him tells people she was lying, they talk her back into it, making her confused. Its almost as if they want to believe it. And – SPOILER ALERT – They killed his dog!!! Poor guy.

Only 2 downfalls for me. First is the subtitles, you don’t get to watch a movie properly when you have to read the whole time. Second is the ending, I would have liked more closure, maybe a tad bit of revenge or ‘I told you so’… Or maybe an apology!! Bastards…


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