# 468 – The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter


Hmm, tough one to write about.
First thought was how young De Niro and Walken look! Sometimes I forget that these guys weren’t always oldies!

Great story, very emotional. But waaaayyy to long. I think the same effect could of been had in a 90 minute movie. I liked it but at the same time was agitated because it took so long. I think the point of it all was the aftermath of war and how it changes people, so I guess that’s why they stretched out the before and afters but still, I didn’t get as into it because of that.

Loved the bromance, felt very realistic. As did the Russian roulette scenes, my heart beat a little faster every time they were about to pull the trigger.

Worth watching if you’re a war movie fan, just make sure you leave yourself a good 3 hours! Gets a 5 on my scale.


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