# 467 – Snatch



I’m sorry, I have to be a girl for one sentence, just let me get it over and done with. Brad Pitt is seriously, seriously attractive. Even when he is a feral gypsy. He could be covered in shit, literal shit, and it wouldn’t phase 90% of the female population. That was 3 sentences… sorry, I’m done.

Great movie! It’s put me in an excellent mood. It’s hilarious, entertaining, got a great cast, bloody, fairly tricky storyline and some nice twists. Jason Statham is also worth a mention for this one. See, it’s not all about Brad. Also, Vinnie Jones, very funny in all his calmness.

Love the sound effects and the mix of different characters. Well done Guy Ritchie, I give it a 9!

Oh and just incase… don’t search the word ‘Snatch’ in Bing images unless you’re over 18.


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