# 462 – Halloween (1978)



Finally! A classic horror movie, my favourite kind! I will never be able to say a bad word about classic horror movies. I may sarcastically say something like, ‘What great acting!’ but it’s all in good fun.

Michael Myers, rated #5 on Empire’s ‘The 666 Greatest Horror Characters’ (these guys like to make lists). He may actually be the boogeyman. He did survive falling from the second story, 6 bullets, a stab in the eye with a coat hanger and a stab in the neck with a knitting needle. Always double tap, ya gotta get ’em while they’re down people!!

Anyway, great movie. What you have to do with these ones is forget everything you’ve seen since, you have to live in the moment and not let newer, better, flashier movies cloud your judgement. Hitchcock started it, everyone followed it. There may be ‘scarier’ movies around now but this is where it all began and they done it without special effects. You’ve got to respect tradition.

I could rave on for days, am I being a nerd? Just put it on the ‘to watch’ list… You get to see boobs and Jamie Lee Curtis is the only teenager that doesn’t want to have sex. That about sums it up?


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