# 454 – 28 Days Later

28 Days Later


I really love a good zombie movie!!! Especially one that is low budget and not filmed in America. It makes it feel more real. And I love fast moving zombies. Isn’t that scarier than some slow dumb thing that you could out run just by walking?

But… (and it didn’t actually cross my mind until I watched it for the second time last night) that these things aren’t actually zombies. Did you see them tear anyone’s jugular out? No. Did they die and then come back to life with a hunger for human flesh? No. They have a rage virus. So what do they do when they catch their victims? Spew on them? Apparently this is the whole point of 28 Days Later, to come up with a different kind of zombie.

This movie, I’m sure, is why Cillian Murphy is so cool now. His name isn’t on the cover to 28 Days Later because he hadn’t done much beforehand, but he done Batman, Red Eye and Sunshine after it. Must have been those blue eyes that dazzled everyone…

A must see for horror fans! A must not see for people with a weak stomach, there is a bit of blood. I give it a 9!


455 – Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket


Prepare yourself for a lot of yelling in the first half hour! I almost feel like I was being trained as a Marine…

The first thing that comes to mind is the soundtrack.. what an odd soundtrack! Did you ever think you would here the song ‘going to the chapel’ in a war movie? I think I know why… there are a few things in the movie that contradict (like the peace symbol and then ‘born to kill’ on the helmet) but I think it’s all on purpose. To try and emphasise the different sides of war or maybe the different feelings of men in the war.

That’s as deep as I’m going! I actually found it a little slow, it really dragged on and I started getting a bit bored. I had no sad feelings for this war movie, in the end I was just like ‘WOULD YOU JUST KILL HER ALREADY?!’… sorry, spoiler alert.

Something that did interest me… There were a few lines that a hooker said which I have definitely heard before. Is this movie where ‘me love you long-time’ comes from? I almost cracked up at that one.

On the scale from 1-10 I give it a 4.

# 456 – Lantana



Lantana starts off with with a lovely image of what I’m assuming is the plant ‘lantana’ and it goes on and on through the bushes until it stops on a dead body… without this part of the story I would have been completely uninterested.

Now I don’t like saying too many negative things about an Australian movie, we need all the support we can get! It just wasn’t really for me, being about older couples who have ‘grown up problems’ which is something that I like to ignore. I’m only 25, I have a naive vision of my future marriage (if it ever happens). So this movie is something I would like to avoid.

Apart from that I don’t real have much to say, it was neither excellent or crap, I think on the scale it can have a… 4.


# 453 – Top Gun

Top Gun

I love Top Gun! There is a big hint of sarcasm in Empires review though… so maybe not everyone does.
I have this love/hate relationship with Tom Cruise, I love to hate him or hate to love him, I can’t really decide. Val Kilmer though… I definitely have a love/love relationship with him.

I have to mention the gay-ness. There’s clearly some in-the-closet stuff happening here, right? Was it not ok to be gay in Top Guns time? Or was the director gay and just didn’t know it yet? I’m not sure of the reasons but it’s a thing that just randomly happens when you don’t expect it and it makes your eyebrows do that thing when you’re not really sure if what you just seen actually happened or of it was just your crazy imagination…

Apparently the soundtrack is pretty popular, I’m not so sure it can be called a ‘soundtrack’ though. From what I remember 2 songs got played over and over and over… Take My Breath Away and Danger Zone.

Now I’m sure this is what you’ve been waiting for……….. Top Gun is real!! Yay. The US Navy set up booths at the cinemas when Top Gun was playing to try and get recruits, and it worked!