# 452 – The Raid: Redemption



Best. Fighting Movie. Ever.

I’m not even kidding! I am so impressed with this one. It took a while to find an English version and when we did it wasn’t subtitled it was dubbed (which is very annoying) but that honestly did not take away from the movie as a whole.

I swear to god these guys were fighting for real! It was so serious and intense. The storyline was simple but effective, it really captured my attention from the first scene. It’s so fast, and full of action the whole way through! You NEED to watch it. I actually feel like going for a walk to the worst part of town right now because I’m pretty sure I just learnt how to fight like a ninja.

So much violence. And death. And blood. But so good.

It’s time like these that I’m really glad I took on this project! I’m giving it a 9/10


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