# 445 – Dumb & Dumber

dumb and dumber

‘According to the map, we’ve only gone 4 inches’

I do not care what my mum says… Jim Carrey IS a legend. I will NEVER be too old for his stupid humour. Really though, it’s so ridiculous. But it works! I will admit, I wasn’t expecting to laugh as much as I did the first time I seen it… But I think I ended up laughing more.

I just really need to spend a paragraph on the snow fight between Harry and Mary. It is the best scene in the whole entire movie. How his face changes when she playfully throws a snowball at him. He’s like ‘WHAT BITCH?!’, then ditches a snow ball right in her face. Its soooo funny.

Interesting trivia time??
– The movie Lloyd mentions when they’re driving away from the cafe is called Something Wild… And Jeff Daniels (AKA Harry) is the actor in it.
– Lloyds chipped tooth is real.
– Apparently Jim Carrey stayed at the Stanley Hotel, room 237 (The Shining!) during filming. He left the room running after 3 hours and won’t say why…


# 446 – High Fidelity

High Fidelity

Not bad! First good sign was John Cusack, second was Jack Black. That’s two very big steps in the right direction!

John Cusack plays Rob, a record store owner who likes making lists (who doesn’t??!), and the list we hear about the most is his top 5 break ups, including the one that’s happening right now. It does drag on a little, but it’s still pretty entertaining. There are a few familiar faces in the mix which also helps.

There’s also lots and lots of musical type references for anyone interested 🙂