# 444 – Hairspray (1988)

Hairspray (1988)

Seeing as my dad is an extremely popular man and always seems to be on holidays, I ended up watching this one all by myself. I’m actually glad, might have killed the old man out of boredom.
If you’re young and cool like me you’ve probably seen the Zac Efron remake… my expectations were high, and I was let down.

I was enjoying it to start with, until there was no singing… SHOCK HORROR! It wasn’t a ‘musical’ in the way the remake is, they only sing and dance while they are on the ‘Corny Collins Show’, there ain’t no running around singing Good Morning Baltimore.

I’m still confused as to why the character Edna Turnblad is a man dressed as a woman. I know the part was specifically made for the producers friend ‘Divine’ (she’s a famous transexual)… but I’m unsure if the character is meant to be a transexual or not… Whatever, I’m just happy John Travolta got the part in the remake.

Ricki Lake played big beautiful and blonde Tracy Turnblad. I found that interesting.
And Sonny Bono was in it.
And it was sometimes funny.

That’s all I’ve got.