#442 – Wake In Fright


A truly fucked up image of Australians and the outback. Please believe me city folk… this is a very loosely based story on the ways of country bumpkins!
I guess parts of it are slightly true… we like to drink, gamble and some shoot for fun. There’s dust and flies and some people who don’t like to shower. Drugs are very real and people do get caught up in themselves with all the isolation. Wait, maybe it isn’t so badly exaggerated…

Anyway, let’s get some negativity out of the way so we can end on a good note. It’s quite horrific (visually and psychologically), ‘Wake in fright’ is quite the fitting title! Poor young guy is a snobby, educated teacher from the city to begin with; a day later he’s a smelly, drunken, gambler who slaughters kangaroos with his bare hands and isn’t quite sure about his sexuality.
It’s very long. Like so unnecessarily long. Sometimes I feel like Dad and I are watching the 500 longest movies of all time. Oh and don’t get me started on the kangaroo hunting scene. It’s actual real footage, and its horrible. If you’re like me and pretend that when your friends go out shooting they only shoot at cans and paper plates with faces on them, you will be gutted when you see this scene.
Moving on!

For all of you reading that aren’t my dear friends, I live in a small town called Broken Hill. Home to Priscilla, Mad Max and most recently, the Last Cab to Darwin. And smack bang somewhere in the middle of all these wonderfully amazing and famous movies… Wake In Fright was filmed.
My dad even recalls running into the main character as he was getting out of a car, they were filming and everything! I like to think that my dad had to make them re-take the scene… he’s like one of those annoying people in the background that are oblivious to what’s happening around them. Haha. Anyway, my point is the best thing about this movie for me was not only getting to see Broken Hill 40 years younger but getting to see it with my daddy, who gets to tell me all the important info I’d have otherwise missed.

I do understand the hype behind it. It’s powerfully told, good acting, very strong storyline and deeply disturbing.
I guess I’m still learning the difference between movies that are for entertainment and movies that are for storytelling, its an art form. Each director gets to portray as they like. Just how an artist or a musician would. If you can’t love it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate it.

That’s me done!
Thanks for reading 🙂