#432 – X-Men 2

X2You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different.”

X-Men unite! I do love a good franchise… and who doesn’t love X-Men?! Although the title really is sexist, I mean there are also X-Ladies. But I won’t go all feminist on you just yet.

For those of you who can count… Ok yes, fine! We did skip a few movies. Nine to be exact. In our defence, it was a Saturday night and we felt like watching something we KNEW would be good. Dad and I are quite the risky duo, but sometimes you just need a movie you can trust ya know? We were hoping to tick off a couple more by watching the full box set. Unfortunately though, movie number 2 is the only one that appears on the list!

I won’t go into too much detail on the movie, if you haven’t seen it you obviously are a weirdo and probably won’t be reading this anyway. So I’ll move on to some interesting facts …

1. The extras doing the frozen scenes were actually mimes! I totally knew it.
2. The mansion used for the school is the same mansion from Smallville (Lex Luther lives there) and the mansion used in Billy Madison.
3. When Iceman tells his parents he is a mutant, it was meant to look like a ‘coming out’ conversation. Apparently in the 2015 comics it is revealed that Iceman actually is gay.

There are 1000 more references and cool facts but you can find them out yourselves 😉 Now go watch some X-Men/Ladies…!