# 440 – Akira


I’m really trying to be open minded here… This movie is apparently so amazing it deserves a three page spread in the Empire magazine, complete with pictures quotes and information on the manga. Or so I’m guessing, I literally couldn’t be bothered reading it.

My boyfriend is a big time anime fan (like in a really annoying way) so I invited him along to watch Akira with dad and myself, thinking that if one person out of three appreciates it then that’s better than nothing. Turns out he didn’t like it. At all.
I guess the biggest issue is that it was REALLY hard to follow. There are about 5 different themes happening and just when you think you’ve got it picked… BAM. Its about something completely different. It seemed very rushed, like they were just throwing information at you.

So that’s one side of the story.

The other is the whole art form side of things: very well done animation with great detail, best selling manga turned into a 10 million dollar feature length movie, inspiration for a whole lot of other movies and anime, pretty colours etc.

So not really my thing but I do get the hype. If you’re interested in a shorter version just watch Kanye Wests video”Stronger”… he likes Akira so much he based his film clip on it!


One thought on “# 440 – Akira

  1. Andrew David Parle says:

    Seriously? I think if you found this hard to follow then watch it again, superb story telling with a very deep subject matter. If your boyfriend is a big anime/manga fan then he has very little taste/intellect, I presume he likes naruto and dragon ball z?

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