#439 – Grosse Point Blank


Cusack’s back! Two of them this time! Well actually all FOUR siblings show their faces in this movie but I’m mostly caring about Joan. That’s right, Joan is Johns sister. I’ve always really liked Joan Cusack but never knew her name to be able to put the two together.

This movie is filled with familiar faces, and it was sooo good. I know right, finally a movie that we didn’t have to force ourselves to sit through. Put it on your ‘to watch’ list. Do it now.

It’s very funny and full of wit. John Cusack is honestly the best. I love his humour, always slightly sarcastic. There were a few pop culture references as well, sometimes they went straight over my head but most of the time dad knew what was going on (especially the Sgt. Pepper reference which he even had an old Beatles CD to show me what they were talking about) thank goodness for dads.
It’s jam packed full of action (lots of bullets are let loose thats for sure!) and the soundtrack is frickin amazing, you’ll find it hard not to sing along.










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