# 438 – The Lost Boys


Definitely recommend this one! It checks all the boxes; wicked soundtrack, sexy vampires, touch of romance, plenty of action, cute dog, comic relief, little bit of blood, the twist and a happy ending.

I did really enjoy the part where vampires can fly and have bat-like feet so they are able to sleep hanging upside down in their cave during the day. That was a new addition to my knowledge of vampires.

Something interesting…
Bare with me while I move to Peter Pan for a minute.
He could fly, visited Wendy at night and never grew old. Some people have this idea that he is vampire.
The whole movie was created on this notion. Most of the characters originally had Peter Pan names but they got changed and the title was named after a group of characters from the play.. The lost boys who remained forever young.

There are two characters, brothers, who introduce themselves as Edgar and Allan Frog. But the way they say it instantly makes your mind skip to the name Edgar Allan Poe. Both dad and I said the name out loud at the same time. Turns out it IS actually a reference to the famous horror film writer.

That’s all. Enjoy
E x


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