#419 – Bad Taste


The story is quite simple – a group of friends must save a small town whose residents have been eaten by aliens. The blue jean and collared shirt wearing aliens have disguised themselves as humans and roam the town, picking off the remainder of the population before preparing for the flight back home. Unfortunately for them, Deryk, Frank, Giles, Barry and Ozzy are not scared to fight back, leading the aliens to show their true form as the battle between human and alien ensues.

Now let me just say, Bad Taste is not for people who can not appreciate the ridiculous. It’s basically nonsense; awesome, hilarious nonsense that a lot of people won’t enjoy. The title alone gives that away I think, but just be warned – you’re in for a ride. Highlights include headbutting a seagull, putting missing pieces of your brain back in your skull, mopping up blood from the floor mid recon mission because it’s dangerous, and Derek’s rebirth.

The beauty of this film lies within the story of its making. Bad Taste is the big break of Peter Jackson (LOTR), filming on weekends with his mates over 4 years using his own creativity for special effects. Apparently, a friend in the movie business was so impressed that he encouraged Mr Jackson to enter it into a movie festival where it won many awards and became a massive hit. Hats off to a man who has a serious passion for filmmaking and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to do so effectively.


E x


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