# 405 – The Incredibles


Disney and Pixar join to make another top notch animation! Reading up on the making of The Incredibles – code name Tights – its obvious how much effort they put into making it as realistic as possible. They even had a professional come in and talk about the complex nature of textiles so they could make the clothing look real and natural. Also, the voice of Mrs. Incredible used real military jargon when flying the plane and she was apparently expected to learn the terms as well.

As with all Disney movies there are connections and references everywhere! I couldn’t possibly mention them all now, but surely you picked up the enormous similarities to Fantastic 4…. It’s a good laugh with tongue-in-cheek jokes and it almost takes the piss of other superhero movies, but all in good fun. To top it all off it sends a positive and heart-warming message, which is what its all about folks!

Thanks for reading 🙂

E x


# 410 – The Jungle Book (1967)

The Jungle Book (1967)


Now… don’t judge me. Today may have been the first time I’ve seen this. Not counting the little glimpses I’ve caught over the years babysitting. I was more of a Lion King, Tarzan, Aladdin kinda kid. Aaaand I still am.

I mean this movie was great! Such a beautiful story, but it doesn’t really jump out at me or move me in any way like the others do.

Sad backstory, this was the last animation Disney movie to be looked over by the main man, Walt. He died in 1966 during the making of it.

With the recent release of The Jungle Book remake, it might be time to get the kids together and show them the original. They’re sure to be amazed at the difference in graphics!

Enjoy 🙂

# 416 – Finding Nemo

cp_FWB_FindingNemo_20120926Just Keep Swimming

Almost perfect timing with Finding Dory coming out in a few months!

Nemo is one of my favourite kids movies. It is actually hilarious. I remember very vividly, watching for the first time, not being able to stop laughing when Dory starts speaking whale. Not much changed this time around.

I started planning my blog about 5 minutes in, I thought it might be nice to have a little list of my favourite lines. But then it might just be easier to post the entire script.
Ellen DeGeneres makes Dory, literally! Dory was written specifically for Ellen and she’s one of the best characters of all time.
And it wouldn’t quite be a Disney movie without the lessons! Nemo is full of valuable things to learn, for all the family!

Nice work Pixar. Can’t wait for Dory to get lost so we can find her and experience the fun all over again.

Go grab the kids and have a family day in with Nemo! Look out for the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story while you’re at it 😉

# 434 – The Cat Concerto

The Cat Concerto (13)

Yes, there is a 7 minute Tom and Jerry short on the top 500 movie list. So very strange. Apparently there are two others to come…

I’m not gonna lie, watching Tom and Jerry is a great time. I had a few giggles. There’s nothing like watching a grumpy old cat trying to stop a mischievous mouse.

That’s entertainment!

You can watch it (in three parts??) on youtube if you’re interested.


#436 – Beauty and the Beast


Tale as old as time

One of my favourite Disney classics by far. Such a magical love story with a very real and valuable lesson to teach… Don’t open the door to strangers.


True beauty comes from within, dare to be different, follow your heart and most of all… believe in magic.

# 440 – Akira


I’m really trying to be open minded here… This movie is apparently so amazing it deserves a three page spread in the Empire magazine, complete with pictures quotes and information on the manga. Or so I’m guessing, I literally couldn’t be bothered reading it.

My boyfriend is a big time anime fan (like in a really annoying way) so I invited him along to watch Akira with dad and myself, thinking that if one person out of three appreciates it then that’s better than nothing. Turns out he didn’t like it. At all.
I guess the biggest issue is that it was REALLY hard to follow. There are about 5 different themes happening and just when you think you’ve got it picked… BAM. Its about something completely different. It seemed very rushed, like they were just throwing information at you.

So that’s one side of the story.

The other is the whole art form side of things: very well done animation with great detail, best selling manga turned into a 10 million dollar feature length movie, inspiration for a whole lot of other movies and anime, pretty colours etc.

So not really my thing but I do get the hype. If you’re interested in a shorter version just watch Kanye Wests video”Stronger”… he likes Akira so much he based his film clip on it!

# 448 – Ponyo


I’m back (again)! I’ve just realised that from November 2013 to March 2014, Dad and I watched around 45 movies. From April to now we’ve watched about 5 movies… Not really doing so well.

Anyway, Ponyo! Cutest movie ever 🙂 Definitely one for the kids. Don’t expect your dad to watch it though. Mine didn’t… first five minutes and he was out. Ain’t no dads got time for that.

Very fun, imaginative and colourful. Its about a goldfish princess (daughter of a human wizard) who wishes to become a human. Sounds familiar though, right? Apparently it was inspired by The Little Mermaid, which was much more entertaining, but you can’t compare because Disney is on it’s own special level. Ponyo is still definitely worth a watch if you have some little kiddies in the household.