# 417 – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert


If you’ve been reading, you may remember me mentioning this movie in my ‘Wake In Fright’ review… Both filmed right here in my hometown, Broken Hill!
Well not all of it, unfortunately.
Small towns really have a way of never getting over monumental moments in their history, like Priscilla. Why would they? It’s a pride thing. I grew up knowing how important Priscilla is to Broken Hill but never watched it due to my age. So imagine my disappointment when I finally watched Priscilla and found out Broken Hill took up about 20 minutes of the whole movie. Sad face.

Truth be told, I didn’t watch this recently. A few months back Broken Hill put on an event ‘Broken Heel Festival’ to celebrate Priscilla’s 21st birthday. It was an amazing weekend long event that pushed me to finally watch it.

It was very entertaining, funny listening to the guys bitch and whinge at each other. They have some hilarious one liners, sometimes I understood them.. sometimes I didn’t. It does have its moments though, where the harsh reality of being a drag queen or transgender comes into play, which just makes it all the more loveable.

Most importantly, Priscilla put Australia on the map in a very new way and showed the world a positive view on the LGBT community, which was well overdue. Let’s hope to see more of it.


Guy Pearce is sexy. Always. Good guy, bad guy, drag queen, doesn’t matter.


# 433 – Good Will Hunting


Amazing. I loved this! Disappointed in myself for not seeing it earlier.

It tells the story of a very smart but troubled boy, apparently with a photographic memory, who solves an equation on a board at a university where he works. After everyone realises how smart he is they set out on a mission to help him become something better.

It was pretty long, considering nothing too crazy happened, and very predictable. That didn’t really matter though. The characters were loveable and the performances were so moving and powerful. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire time and I felt very involved in the story. There didn’t seem to be one scene that didn’t mean something. I even had a little tear or two!

Although there are big names throughout, all brilliant, none can compare to Robin Williams. A truly wonderful actor… makes me sad that he’s gone.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



#442 – Wake In Fright


A truly fucked up image of Australians and the outback. Please believe me city folk… this is a very loosely based story on the ways of country bumpkins!
I guess parts of it are slightly true… we like to drink, gamble and some shoot for fun. There’s dust and flies and some people who don’t like to shower. Drugs are very real and people do get caught up in themselves with all the isolation. Wait, maybe it isn’t so badly exaggerated…

Anyway, let’s get some negativity out of the way so we can end on a good note. It’s quite horrific (visually and psychologically), ‘Wake in fright’ is quite the fitting title! Poor young guy is a snobby, educated teacher from the city to begin with; a day later he’s a smelly, drunken, gambler who slaughters kangaroos with his bare hands and isn’t quite sure about his sexuality.
It’s very long. Like so unnecessarily long. Sometimes I feel like Dad and I are watching the 500 longest movies of all time. Oh and don’t get me started on the kangaroo hunting scene. It’s actual real footage, and its horrible. If you’re like me and pretend that when your friends go out shooting they only shoot at cans and paper plates with faces on them, you will be gutted when you see this scene.
Moving on!

For all of you reading that aren’t my dear friends, I live in a small town called Broken Hill. Home to Priscilla, Mad Max and most recently, the Last Cab to Darwin. And smack bang somewhere in the middle of all these wonderfully amazing and famous movies… Wake In Fright was filmed.
My dad even recalls running into the main character as he was getting out of a car, they were filming and everything! I like to think that my dad had to make them re-take the scene… he’s like one of those annoying people in the background that are oblivious to what’s happening around them. Haha. Anyway, my point is the best thing about this movie for me was not only getting to see Broken Hill 40 years younger but getting to see it with my daddy, who gets to tell me all the important info I’d have otherwise missed.

I do understand the hype behind it. It’s powerfully told, good acting, very strong storyline and deeply disturbing.
I guess I’m still learning the difference between movies that are for entertainment and movies that are for storytelling, its an art form. Each director gets to portray as they like. Just how an artist or a musician would. If you can’t love it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate it.

That’s me done!
Thanks for reading 🙂

# 443 – Dog Day Afternoon

dog day afternoon

It’s another bank robbery type movie! Only a true story. About a crazy man. A crazy loveable man who was married to a woman with 2 kids and also married to a man who needed money for a sex change. Which is where we come full circle back to the bank robbery.

The movie wasn’t half as interesting as the real story, I know it gets a lot of notice because of Al Pacino’s performance (which is pretty fantastic actually) but it went for a loooong time and until about halfway through, Dad and I couldn’t work out if it was meant to be a comedy or not.

This link will take you to an article that sheds a little light on the bank robber guy… it’s quite a good read. Says a lot more about him than the movie depicted! I’ll give you a quote from the article to pique your interest…
“I was a member of the entertainment committee, so I would meet and greet new gay people coming into the scene,” Wojtowicz said. “I could have sex with them quicker than anybody else, because they were just coming out.” … LOL!


# 446 – High Fidelity

High Fidelity

Not bad! First good sign was John Cusack, second was Jack Black. That’s two very big steps in the right direction!

John Cusack plays Rob, a record store owner who likes making lists (who doesn’t??!), and the list we hear about the most is his top 5 break ups, including the one that’s happening right now. It does drag on a little, but it’s still pretty entertaining. There are a few familiar faces in the mix which also helps.

There’s also lots and lots of musical type references for anyone interested 🙂

# 456 – Lantana



Lantana starts off with with a lovely image of what I’m assuming is the plant ‘lantana’ and it goes on and on through the bushes until it stops on a dead body… without this part of the story I would have been completely uninterested.

Now I don’t like saying too many negative things about an Australian movie, we need all the support we can get! It just wasn’t really for me, being about older couples who have ‘grown up problems’ which is something that I like to ignore. I’m only 25, I have a naive vision of my future marriage (if it ever happens). So this movie is something I would like to avoid.

Apart from that I don’t real have much to say, it was neither excellent or crap, I think on the scale it can have a… 4.


# 461 – Incendies



‘Wow’ is the first thing that comes to mind. What a twist! This movie is the perfect example of how to get emotion from your audience without showing too much. I hate a movie with a 5 minute rape scene. It’s just unnecessary. Incendies tells an amazing story, very heart-breaking, without making it awful to watch.

Adapted from a play, it follows a brother and a sister who try finding out about their mothers history after she dies. It switches between them following clues left behind in the present and their mother in the past. The story gets more and more unbelievable as time goes on.

There isn’t much info on it but it did win a handful of awards. It was subtitled, which doesn’t really bother me (it adds to the realness of it in my opinion) and a little confusing at times because it switches between people and cities. Apart from that it was really good, like I said before, heart-breaking and cruel but very well done.