# 402 – Night of the Living Dead & # 420 – Dawn of the Dead


When I was in school, a couple of my friends were into filmmaking and old school horror, and hence introduced me to the name George A. Romero – the ‘father’ of zombie movies. Sadly, he passed away only recently but he has a huge fan base, and for good reason; he created the idea of zombies we see in movies and tv series today and stood out as the guy who liked to show a lot of gore and blood.

‘The Dead’ series consists of six loosely connected movies about a zombie outbreak, each one focusing on different groups trying to survive, the first two being the only ones to make the list.

Night of the Living Dead ranks highest and is the first in the series, shot in black and white in 1968. This was my favourite of the two, it was very simple and yet it still draws you in. It follows a group of people trapped in a house as they struggle with what to do next, stay or run. There’s your usual damsel in distress, tough guy, hero type and a couple in love and things start getting pretty messy. It was one of the first movies in its time to be so graphical with murder and cannibalism and interestingly enough, the main character is African-American (not something you’d generally see in the 60’s), add that to the Quentin-Tarantino-like feel and you have me hooked!

Dawn of the Dead is the second in the series and, unfortunately for me, the only available version to watch was ‘extra long’, I really didn’t need to watch an extra hours worth of footage. It’s still a great movie, they really took it up a notch with the violence and you get to see some serious zombie flesh-eating in this one (I think they must have been excited about colour tv) but the extension was basically just drawing out the boring stuff like when they go shopping in the mall they’re locked up in for supplies.

I enjoyed my trip back to horror in the 60’s and 70’s – I hope you do to!

E x


# 438 – The Lost Boys


Definitely recommend this one! ItĀ checks all the boxes; wicked soundtrack, sexy vampires, touch of romance, plenty of action, cute dog, comic relief, little bit of blood, the twist and a happy ending.

I did really enjoy the part where vampires can fly and have bat-like feet so they are able to sleep hanging upside down in their cave during the day. That was a new addition to my knowledge of vampires.

Something interesting…
Bare with me while I move to Peter Pan for a minute.
He could fly, visited Wendy at night and never grew old. Some people have this idea that he is vampire.
The whole movie was created on this notion. Most of the characters originally had Peter Pan names but they got changed and the title was named after a group of characters from the play.. The lost boys who remained forever young.

There are two characters, brothers, who introduce themselves as Edgar and Allan Frog. But the way they say it instantly makes your mind skip to the name Edgar Allan Poe. Both dad and I said the name out loud at the same time. Turns out it IS actually a reference to the famous horror film writer.

That’s all. Enjoy
E x

# 454 – 28 Days Later

28 Days Later


I really love a good zombie movie!!! Especially one that is low budget and not filmed in America. It makes it feel more real. And I love fast moving zombies. Isn’t that scarier than some slow dumb thing that you could out run just by walking?

But… (and it didn’t actually cross my mind until I watched it for the second time last night) that these things aren’t actually zombies. Did you see them tear anyone’s jugular out? No. Did they die and then come back to life with a hunger for human flesh? No. They have a rage virus. So what do they do when they catch their victims? Spew on them? Apparently this is the whole point of 28 Days Later, to come up with a different kind of zombie.

This movie, I’m sure, is why Cillian Murphy is so cool now. His name isn’t on the cover to 28 Days Later because he hadn’t done much beforehand, but he done Batman, Red Eye and Sunshine after it. Must have been those blue eyes that dazzled everyone…

A must see for horror fans! A must not see for people with a weak stomach, there is a bit of blood. I give it a 9!

# 457 – Little Shop Of Horrors



An awesomely ridiculous movie! Not what I expected it to be, especially the ending. The only part I liked about that was ‘The End ?!?’ haha, it mocked itself which is always a good sign.

I love the plant when it starts talking. It’s an african american alien plant with an attitude and a desire to take over the world… FEEED ME! Best part of the whole movie. Another highlight is Steve Martin… very funny and over the top.

Majority of the songs are good (it’s a musical, yay), there are a couple of boring ones but you get that. More than once I wondered if the actors were really singing, for some reason I just couldn’t match the voices to the people. I guess I’ll never know the truth on that one!

All in all, it’s a fun, silly and entertaining movie. I give it a 5!

# 462 – Halloween (1978)



Finally! A classic horror movie, my favourite kind! I will never be able to say a bad word about classic horror movies. I may sarcastically say something like, ‘What great acting!’ but it’s all in good fun.

Michael Myers, rated #5 on Empire’s ‘The 666 Greatest Horror Characters’ (these guys like to make lists). He may actually be the boogeyman. He did survive falling from the second story, 6 bullets, a stab in the eye with a coat hanger and a stab in the neck with a knitting needle. Always double tap, ya gotta get ’em while they’re down people!!

Anyway, great movie. What you have to do with these ones is forget everything you’ve seen since, you have to live in the moment and not let newer, better, flashier movies cloud your judgement. Hitchcock started it, everyone followed it. There may be ‘scarier’ movies around now but this is where it all began and they done it without special effects. You’ve got to respect tradition.

I could rave on for days, am I being a nerd? Just put it on the ‘to watch’ list… You get to see boobs and Jamie Lee Curtis is the only teenager that doesn’t want to have sex. That about sums it up?

# 481 – Scream



I seriously love the Scream franchise. Don’t judge me. If you hate them then you might as well stop reading because I don’t have a bad word to say. Dad did, he says it’s watchable but a joke. Ha! That’s WHY I love it, Dad!!

Wes Craven. What a fricken legend. I really get into slasher movies, I don’t know why (I may have some serious issues), but what makes Scream so special is all the references. I get them! Well most of them, so it makes me feel like a true horror fan.

Did you all notice ‘Fred’ the janitor??! This is the first time I noticed him… FYI – Wes Craven directed the first Nightmare On Elm Street. I get so excited about sneaky shit like that!

Shall I take a moment to credit all the stars? No I won’t, but lets just say they all went on to semi-big things after Scream. Ok fine, mainly TV series but still! Also, this is the movie that brought Cox and Arquette together… awwww.

I could go on for days…
Just get some friends, beanbags and popcorn and have a screamfest!

# 484 – The Wicker Man (1973)

The Wicker Man



Ok, well first let me explain why I chose the above picture instead of the cover for the DVD. Because the cover of the DVD makes it seem like a normal movie, more or less. This picture ^ is more fitting.
Edward Woodward appears again! The main character is played by ‘Breaker Morant’ (Thanks dad for pointing that out!).
There is a newer version, a 2006 remake starring Nicholas Cage. Haven’t seen that yet but I’d imagine it would be much easier to follow, this version wasn’t the best quality, the picture was a tad blurry and the sound unclear.

I’m not a very religious person, I’ll just get that out in the open. The Wicker Man is pretty much a weirded out version of what happens when people fall heavily into their religions. So I guess that’s one upside, at least you can follow the story and understand it… a little.

They occasionally break out into song. (awkward pause)

Well it made it on the list for a reason!