# 426 – Kill Bill Vol. 2 & # 333 – Kill Bill Vol.1



Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors, and I really don’t know that many. I hope to one day name my baby Tarantino, because he’s the best and also because it’s fun to say. I have this obsession with slightly stupid, disgusting, over the top, violent movies, like Machete. I heard Robert Rodriguez and QT are tight… so that explains a lot.

I was SO excited to watch this. I’d only seen parts of it before and let me tell you, it was just as fantastic as I’d imagined. Best part ever.. the blood spray when somebody’s limb is cut off, always have a good giggle at that.

It’s got some bad ass girl power! I love every single one of the assassins, great actors. Awesome fighting scenes, good fun and an easy story to follow.

Love every minute of it, so it makes the next one on my Top Ten list! And I’m counting it as one movie because it’s one big story chopped in half, it’s not a sequel people!


E x



# 452 – The Raid: Redemption



Best. Fighting Movie. Ever.

I’m not even kidding! I am so impressed with this one. It took a while to find an English version and when we did it wasn’t subtitled it was dubbed (which is very annoying) but that honestly did not take away from the movie as a whole.

I swear to god these guys were fighting for real! It was so serious and intense. The storyline was simple but effective, it really captured my attention from the first scene. It’s so fast, and full of action the whole way through! You NEED to watch it. I actually feel like going for a walk to the worst part of town right now because I’m pretty sure I just learnt how to fight like a ninja.

So much violence. And death. And blood. But so good.

It’s time like these that I’m really glad I took on this project! I’m giving it a 9/10

# 474 – Enter The Dragon


Move over Jackie Chan, I have a new favourite.
Speaking of Jackie, keep an eye out for him.. I missed it (he must have been young) but he has 2 cameo scenes!

I was surprised, In a good way! I love when that happens. I was expecting some stupid storyline like ‘reclaim the stolen holy sword’ or something but instead it was ‘catch the bad guy that is drugging and killing women’. Very impressed with Bruce Lee’s acting skills and English accent. I also don’t think that man has any body fat whatsoever.

The sound effects are definitely worth a mention… They were awesome and quite hilarious, I think we will forever be doing Bruce Lee impersonations now.

The whole movie was filmed without sound, they done it all after apparently. Once you know that you can tell but it’s not that bad while you’re watching it.

I’m going to give it an 8.

# 497 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon



Not bad… Clearly made famous by the fighting scenes. That was the only time I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, Empire magazine said it quite perfectly: ‘elegant ass-kickery’.┬áThe special effects and action scenes were done by Yuen Woo Ping, the choreographer of The Matrix. Explains all the flying and floating.

It wasn’t all fighting though, had a pretty good plot. Seemed to drag on a bit for me though, I was looking at the time waiting for it to be over. But if you are a fan of martial arts movies then I would recommend it!