# 417 – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert


If you’ve been reading, you may remember me mentioning this movie in my ‘Wake In Fright’ review… Both filmed right here in my hometown, Broken Hill!
Well not all of it, unfortunately.
Small towns really have a way of never getting over monumental moments in their history, like Priscilla. Why would they? It’s a pride thing. I grew up knowing how important Priscilla is to Broken Hill but never watched it due to my age. So imagine my disappointment when I finally watched Priscilla and found out Broken Hill took up about 20 minutes of the whole movie. Sad face.

Truth be told, I didn’t watch this recently. A few months back Broken Hill put on an event ‘Broken Heel Festival’ to celebrate Priscilla’s 21st birthday. It was an amazing weekend long event that pushed me to finally watch it.

It was very entertaining, funny listening to the guys bitch and whinge at each other. They have some hilarious one liners, sometimes I understood them.. sometimes I didn’t. It does have its moments though, where the harsh reality of being a drag queen or transgender comes into play, which just makes it all the more loveable.

Most importantly, Priscilla put Australia on the map in a very new way and showed the world a positive view on the LGBT community, which was well overdue. Let’s hope to see more of it.


Guy Pearce is sexy. Always. Good guy, bad guy, drag queen, doesn’t matter.


#436 – Beauty and the Beast


Tale as old as time

One of my favourite Disney classics by far. Such a magical love story with a very real and valuable lesson to teach… Don’t open the door to strangers.


True beauty comes from within, dare to be different, follow your heart and most of all… believe in magic.

# 444 – Hairspray (1988)

Hairspray (1988)

Seeing as my dad is an extremely popular man and always seems to be on holidays, I ended up watching this one all by myself. I’m actually glad, might have killed the old man out of boredom.
If you’re young and cool like me you’ve probably seen the Zac Efron remake… my expectations were high, and I was let down.

I was enjoying it to start with, until there was no singing… SHOCK HORROR! It wasn’t a ‘musical’ in the way the remake is, they only sing and dance while they are on the ‘Corny Collins Show’, there ain’t no running around singing Good Morning Baltimore.

I’m still confused as to why the character Edna Turnblad is a man dressed as a woman. I know the part was specifically made for the producers friend ‘Divine’ (she’s a famous transexual)… but I’m unsure if the character is meant to be a transexual or not… Whatever, I’m just happy John Travolta got the part in the remake.

Ricki Lake played big beautiful and blonde Tracy Turnblad. I found that interesting.
And Sonny Bono was in it.
And it was sometimes funny.

That’s all I’ve got.

# 457 – Little Shop Of Horrors



An awesomely ridiculous movie! Not what I expected it to be, especially the ending. The only part I liked about that was ‘The End ?!?’ haha, it mocked itself which is always a good sign.

I love the plant when it starts talking. It’s an african american alien plant with an attitude and a desire to take over the world… FEEED ME! Best part of the whole movie. Another highlight is Steve Martin… very funny and over the top.

Majority of the songs are good (it’s a musical, yay), there are a couple of boring ones but you get that. More than once I wondered if the actors were really singing, for some reason I just couldn’t match the voices to the people. I guess I’ll never know the truth on that one!

All in all, it’s a fun, silly and entertaining movie. I give it a 5!

# 465 – Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers


Is he going to singggg…..??? YES! Another musical!

Very lighthearted, fun aaannd a tad bit sexist. I was offended, at times, but I got over it in the end. After all it is set in the 1850’s… women didn’t have rights yet! It reminded me a lot at the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The director, Stanley Donen, also directed ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ (one of my top 10 fave movies). You can see the similarities in style, which is probably why I enjoyed the dancing so much!

Milly, the main character is now on my list of awesome female characters that don’t take no bull! Go Milly.

Lost points for the one liners degrading women and the lyrics in some of the songs… gets a 4!

# 495 – Jailhouse Rock

#496 - Jailhouse Rock


Oldest one so far… it’s even in black and white!

I was expecting something horrific. Dad is a massive Elvis fan and he wasn’t at all excited to see this, he doesn’t go too much on Elvis’ acting skills. But it wasn’t all that bad, few good songs, gave us a bit of a laugh. It’s not really a movie you take seriously, especially Elvis’ character, Vince, he’s a bit of a douche.

But I do have to say I enjoyed the singing! I love a musical 🙂 He sure does have the moves! No wonder he’s The King.
It’s meant to be his best ever movie, so if you’re an Elvis fan, it’s worth a look at.