# 48 – Schindler’s List


I’ll just comment that yes I jumped ahead a little, about 300 movies – but I had the opportunity to watch this and I had to take it. People with so little time as me do not need more time wasted on crappy movies, so I’m picking out some good ones incase I die before I get to finish this list.

Ok let’s get into it! The first thing that comes to mind is the sound of my hysterical wailing. I kid you not, I have never cried so much in any other movie, and I wouldn’t even call it crying (that would be an understatement) I was distraught. For two days after I watched it, I had this really deep, sorrowful feeling as though an acquaintance had died.

Now, for all you tough guys and gals. I realise that the above statement is very dramatic but I truly feel this way. However, I do openly admit that I am overflowing with empathy and can rarely contain myself. The fact that I cry weekly whilst watching Greys Anatomy does nothing to take away from the fact that this movie was incredibly emotional and raw. If you don’t cry you have an ice cold heart.

It’s also incredibly infuriating. Some things that happen and the mental state of people at that time is just so hard to comprehend. I kept finding myself going, “I wouldn’t have done that” “I wouldn’t have followed that order” “How could they do that?”. But how do you know? How can you say that you would not have done exactly the same thing if under such pressure?

Which leads me to my next point. I’ve only talked about the storyline and the feelings it promoted – because that’s what these directors are able to do! Ah, the power they have over me! It completely immersed me in it. My train of thought during the movie was around the actual story; the characters, the situations the comparisons to my own life and how hard it must have been for them.

I think when you completely forget that you’re watching a movie is when you truly know you’ve watched one worthy.

I could go on forever, really. There is so much literature out there about it. The novel has been recommended to me which I have added to my list (another really long one). I’ll end it here and just hope that you’re able to enjoy to the best of your ability amongst all the horror it brings to light.

It really is magnificent.

E x


# 426 – Kill Bill Vol. 2 & # 333 – Kill Bill Vol.1



Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors, and I really don’t know that many. I hope to one day name my baby Tarantino, because he’s the best and also because it’s fun to say. I have this obsession with slightly stupid, disgusting, over the top, violent movies, like Machete. I heard Robert Rodriguez and QT are tight… so that explains a lot.

I was SO excited to watch this. I’d only seen parts of it before and let me tell you, it was just as fantastic as I’d imagined. Best part ever.. the blood spray when somebody’s limb is cut off, always have a good giggle at that.

It’s got some bad ass girl power! I love every single one of the assassins, great actors. Awesome fighting scenes, good fun and an easy story to follow.

Love every minute of it, so it makes the next one on my Top Ten list! And I’m counting it as one movie because it’s one big story chopped in half, it’s not a sequel people!


E x


# 475 – The Impossible

The Impossible

“Nothing Is More Powerful Than The Human Spirit”

This deserves to be so much further up on the list! Or down? It deserves a lower number!!
Wow, just wow. What these people went through! I had that lump that you get in your throat right from the start, halfway through I didn’t even try to hold it back anymore, I just let the tears flow. Better out than in.

It’s a true story about a family (mum, dad and three little boys) that survived the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Mum and the eldest son get separated from dad and the two littler sons, it is just incredible and emotional all the way through. But so beautiful at the same time.
This Tsunami killed over 230, 000 people in 14 countries, Thailand being amongst the hardest hit, with waves over 30 metres high. The hardest thing watching it is thinking the whole time how it must have been for them, and all the people that didn’t get a happy ending.

You just have to watch it. Everything was so believable; acting, make-up, special effects. I think I’m going to have to put it on my top 10…




# 499 – Saw

# 499 - Saw

I freakin’ LOVE Saw! Bit upset it’s so far up the list. I’m a big fan of James Wan’s movies, firstly because of Saw and secondly because he’s an Aussie. Adam (Leigh Whannell), one of the main guys, is actually Wan’s friend and wrote the screenplay. And another piece of interesting trivia… the whole movie was filmed in 18 days! Also, did you notice that all the victims that died were men?

It’s definitely a movie that makes you think the whole way through, and the twists..! I love that everything is connected and I love the slow build up. I remember first seeing it at the cinema and how I couldn’t tear my eyes away, even though I really wanted to. That horrible fucking doll! And the animal mask! Ugh.. creepy.

Points for playing a major role in the new ‘toture porn’ genre, for starting a 7 movie franchise and for making it to my top 10 fave movies of all time!