Intermission #2

Hey guys,

So incase you didn’t notice, we have temporarily skipped #476 – Santa Sangre and #473 – Le Doulos (bloody foreign movies!)… they’re either really bad or really weird or both because not only has it been hard to find a copy but impossible to find one with English subtitles. We are on the job, but in the meantime the show must go on!

We are up to week 6! Yay us 🙂
And we have watched 30 movies so far which is over 50 hours… it feels like way more than that though!

Hope you’re enjoying it as much as us!



Hey guys,

This past week has been very busy for my dad and I… we found it very hard to get together for long enough to watch a movie.
I’ve been waiting all weekend to get a copy of Amores Perros that has English subtitles so it has been skipped.. only for now! So that will explain why I’ve missed number 491. We will have to squeeze it in this week.

Thanks for reading!


Mission Impossible?

A very long time ago I came across a website. WordPress. How exciting!! I love to write, especially when I don’t have to see or know the audience. But what would I write about? I doubt people care about my everyday life and honestly, I didn’t have the time to do it anyway.

About a month ago I picked up a ‘Special Collectors Edition’ of Empire at the newsagent… The 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time. My initial thought was how awesome it would be if I could watch them all! And it clicked. I finally had something to write about.

Ever seen ‘Julie & Julia’? Well that’s where I got the idea and when I realised the enormity of the challenge it became so much more exciting. But why go to all the trouble of watching 500 movies and then writing about each and every one of them? Seems pointless and time consuming. Well, it probably is.

I’ve always loved movies, I get it from my dad, and he got it from his mum (horror is a particular favourite). I appreciate everything about them, even when they are completely ridiculous. I’d make a terrible critic. So, as of next week, my dad and I will have officially started the longest mission of my life… 500 movies in 82 weeks.

Wish us luck!