# 393 – Donnie Darko


I’ve been hanging out for this one and it’s a nice change not to be disappointed! Huuggee fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and I believe this role won him a few awards. He plays Donnie, obviously, and has a few ’emotional’ problems, as he puts it. He stops taking his medication and as a result starts sleepwalking and having hallucinations of Frank – the fucking creepy arse bunny. The only thing that rivals the creepiness of that bunny is Donnie’s face whilst doing the bunny’s bidding. Anyway, Frank tells Donnie that the world will end in 28 days; the rest of the movie becomes a countdown, following Donnie as he experiences events due to his insanity – or possibly something else.

I really enjoyed the balance of this movie; it’s a combination of comedy, time travel, drama, mystery and spookiness. As I only just recently mentioned, I like a movie with direction and consider the fun part to be figuring the whole thing out. I think someone who can combine those aspects and still manage to keep viewers engaged and somewhat in the loop is the best kind of director. I thought about it all night and kept waking up thinking there was a fucking rabbit in my room! Excuse the language.

There are heaps of little clues and foreshadowing (I just learnt that word, do I sound like a real reviewer?) elements so keep a look out for them, specifically rabbit related. It also has a great soundtrack! I’d class it as a must watch, and if it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, see it again!

If you like, comment your thoughts or something cool you picked up on. I enjoyed the aspect that questions whether Donnie is actually schizophrenic or if he is the key to something more…


E x



# 466 – 12 Monkeys


Brad Pitt again! Only this time he has to compete with Bruce Willis, who I am a very big fan of.

Unfortunately though, neither of them can make me love this movie. It starts off relatively normal, in the future, then it makes you question if it’s real or if Willis is just a crazy person and then it is real but it’s not what it seems, then he’s a little boy, then he’s in WW1… Damn you time travel!

Excellent acting though! Pitt is very believable with crooked eyes and violent hand gestures (Ok, so he’s not so attractive in this one), and sometimes Willis would just sit there and drool when you expected him him to go all Die Hard on their arses. And I suppose it was pretty clever.

I think I’ll give it a…. 6.