# 415 – Heathers


So it’s the 80’s and Veronica (a very young Winona Ryder) is one part of the most popular foursome at school, The Heathers.
Heather, Heather and Heather make up the rest of the gang, obviously.
Veronica doesn’t quite fit in though, and she pretty much hates her best friends. She soon meets crazy JD (Christian Slater) and she unwillingly turns into a murderer.

I was surprisingly entertained! A comic thriller at it’s best.
It’s quite dark actually, and was very controversial when it was released. Teen suicide and characters trying to blow up a school are issues bound to create a little controversy.

Now.. apparently this is the movie where The Veronicas found their name…
JD – “Are you a Heather”
Veronica – “No, I’m a Veronica.”

Definitely put this on your ‘to watch’ list.

E x


# 435 – American Psycho



Probably don’t watch this one with your dad. There’s quite a bit of sex, but it doesn’t overshare. The gist behind most scenes is actually more disturbing than the scene itself.

I had to do a lot of reading on this one. It is based on a novel, which I think I would find a lot better. The movie leaves a lot of things unanswered and you really have to dissect it, which is actually quite difficult when you’re not ready. Having to break a movie down too much will just push people to think that the movie is stupid and then it really doesn’t get appreciated.
I could write a lot about the themes and the ideas behind the novel (because it’s actually not stupid) but I won’t. If you’re into that kind of thing I’d suggest you do your research. It’s quite interesting.

On another note, some great acting by Christian Bale as the bad guy. Especially when I’ve come to know and love him as Batman. He is also seriously attractive and must have worked out a lot before this was made. His eyes though.. scary as fuck.

Enjoy 🙂
E x

# 437 – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009)


About 7 years ago, I walked into the book shop (Browzers… RIP) and asked the lady there to pick a book for me. I didn’t care what it was, I just needed something new. I’d decided it was probably time to stop re-reading Harry Potter. She pointed me to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which was recently released and that’s what I ended up walking out with.

Absolutely amazing. I loved it. Slow to begin with, and partly because I had no idea what direction it was taking, I didn’t even really know what genre it was, but the detail and depth of the characters made it hard for me to put down.
Then the movie was released. I hadn’t quite reached the rape scene in the book when we watched the movie. It was then that I really got an idea of where the books were going and the general idea behind them. Thought the rape scene in the movie was bad? Try reading about it from the mind of a detailed author… It was lengthy, and horrifying. This event also runs through the whole series so don’t think it’s over yet.

So that was then. Now, re-watching it, doesn’t seem so intense. Maybe because I was prepared, maybe because I’m older, but I really enjoyed it. Even though you have to read subtitles. I have this new appreciation for foreign movies and the added feel they bring that you just can’t find with a streamline american movie. Obviously it can’t even compete with the book but that’s always the way.

And I’m sorry, I’ve gotta say it! How about that fricken girl power?! Lisbeth Salander should be every girls hero.

Definitely put it (or them; the whole trilogy) on the ‘to watch’ list. Hey, you might as well even add it to the ‘to read’ list!

Enjoy 🙂


# 451 – Unbreakable



Surprise! We didn’t give up… just had a short break. And what a great movie to get us back into the swing of things!

Look, let’s just be honest, I don’t know if there will ever be a movie that I hate if Brucey is in it (have I mentioned this before?), he is seriously one of the best actors I know. If I ever come across a Bruce Willis hater I’ll punch them in the face.

I’d seen this movie a verrrryyy long time ago, probably when it first came out which would have made me 11 years old and the one scene I remembered is the part where the orange man pushes him over the balcony and into the pool. I think it must have affected me emotionally because I remember it so vividly (and I’m scared of pool covers). Not one other part was familiar to me.

I love the superhero/real world analogies, what a great way to look at comic books! Like they are all someone’s story, from long ago.. just exaggerated and commercialised. When you take all of that away, there are real life heroes and villains.

Shout out to M. Night Shyamalan… what a clever man! We love your movies buddy!

A must watch! Even without Bruce and the superhero stuff, it’s a great movie with an even greater twist.

# 479 – Stoker



Another occasionally awkward movie to watch with my dad… Only a couple of scenes though. It was very interesting. A little, no actually a lot, weird. It was described in Empire magazine as a ‘Gothic melodrama’, which kinda says it perfectly! There are a couple of familiar faces and quite impressive acting, but when is Nicole Kidman ever crap?

It was a what’s-going-to-happen-next movie all the way through, you’re forever trying to work it out. I loved the sound, the young girl India has some sort of superman hearing and sight and they really portrayed that well I thought.

I loved what they did with her shoes… can’t spoil it for you though 😉
On the scale… I’d give it a 6.