# 434 – The Cat Concerto

The Cat Concerto (13)

Yes, there is a 7 minute Tom and Jerry short on the top 500 movie list. So very strange. Apparently there are two others to come…

I’m not gonna lie, watching Tom and Jerry is a great time. I had a few giggles. There’s nothing like watching a grumpy old cat trying to stop a mischievous mouse.

That’s entertainment!

You can watch it (in three parts??) on youtube if you’re interested.



# 464 – Juno


Juno is great. An indie movie that became a huge hit!
I’ve seen this one before, after I watched ‘Whip It’ I had to see more of Ellen Page. Its about a teenage girl who falls pregnant and decides to put the baby up for adoption. It’s just something a little different, which is nice. You don’t have your usual 25 year olds playing high school kids, it’s not ‘fake’ and it has some great characters.

I love the dialogue, it’s so funny. It’s similar to other movies Michael Cera is in; witty and a little weird. It has a great soundtrack to!

FYI – Apparently, Green Day named their song ‘East Jesus Nowhere’ from a line in this movie.

If you haven’t seen it, you must do so now! And if you’ve got teenage kids, make them watch it 😉

# 491 – Amores Perros




Didn’t mind this one actually. It’s one of those movies that tells the stories from each characters point of view, I love how all of their lives cross paths at some point.
It did have subtitles and it went for about 2 1/2 hours which was a bit too long. I didn’t go too much on the ending but apart from that I enjoyed it.

It was actually quite interesting. And to put your mind at ease… none of the dogs were harmed making this movie! All the scenes where they are fighting was actually them just playing.
‘Amores Perros’ roughly translated means ‘Love’s a Bitch’, which also ties in to the relevance of the dogs.
It is the first movie in a ‘loose trilogy’ (I’m not 100% on what that actually means…) the second one is ’21 grams’ and the third ‘Babel’.