# 398 – The English Patient


It’s nearing the end of WWII and a burn victim, Count Laszlo, is dying. Rather than endure the long trip to… somewhere else… this lovely lady named Hana decides to stay with him in an abandoned church until he dies. He doesn’t remember much, but the arrival of a guy who believes Laszlo was giving information to the Germans, encourages (or strongly recommends) him to share his story, one of a love affair.

It’s got a really great cast (Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth, Kristen Scott Thomas and Willem Dafoe) and it won 9 Oscars and it’s very sweet and sad and there are quite a few naked shots but that’s about it. I was a little bored, couldn’t really get into it and I didn’t feel connected to any of the characters. Safe to say I’m glad they cut down the length; the original went for 4 hours!

E x


#403 – Zero Dark Thirty


I am admittedly one of those people who keeps as far away from politics as possible. That means I know very little about war, including the hunt for Bin Laden (did I even spell that right?); so it’s best you take this review with a grain of salt and accept that I really want to chat about the movie… not necessarily the facts or controversy behind it.

I really enjoyed it, I was quite skeptical after reading the plot because I didn’t want to watch a doco on the 10 year long hunt. Turns out it’s not a documentary, I’m not even sure if it has any factual base, but my understanding is that it told the publics’ version of events after the bombing of the twin towers and that’s good enough for me. It was very engaging, from start to finish, and although it’s a long movie, it didn’t feel it. The end shows a 25 minute raid on his house, my heart was pounding, I was nervous for the Navy SEALS even though I knew how it would end. It felt very realistic. Jessica Chastain was also very amazing as the lead role.

It’s a very well told story that actually focuses on the events themselves rather than the characters and their backgrounds. Worth a watch!

E x

# 48 – Schindler’s List


I’ll just comment that yes I jumped ahead a little, about 300 movies – but I had the opportunity to watch this and I had to take it. People with so little time as me do not need more time wasted on crappy movies, so I’m picking out some good ones incase I die before I get to finish this list.

Ok let’s get into it! The first thing that comes to mind is the sound of my hysterical wailing. I kid you not, I have never cried so much in any other movie, and I wouldn’t even call it crying (that would be an understatement) I was distraught. For two days after I watched it, I had this really deep, sorrowful feeling as though an acquaintance had died.

Now, for all you tough guys and gals. I realise that the above statement is very dramatic but I truly feel this way. However, I do openly admit that I am overflowing with empathy and can rarely contain myself. The fact that I cry weekly whilst watching Greys Anatomy does nothing to take away from the fact that this movie was incredibly emotional and raw. If you don’t cry you have an ice cold heart.

It’s also incredibly infuriating. Some things that happen and the mental state of people at that time is just so hard to comprehend. I kept finding myself going, “I wouldn’t have done that” “I wouldn’t have followed that order” “How could they do that?”. But how do you know? How can you say that you would not have done exactly the same thing if under such pressure?

Which leads me to my next point. I’ve only talked about the storyline and the feelings it promoted – because that’s what these directors are able to do! Ah, the power they have over me! It completely immersed me in it. My train of thought during the movie was around the actual story; the characters, the situations the comparisons to my own life and how hard it must have been for them.

I think when you completely forget that you’re watching a movie is when you truly know you’ve watched one worthy.

I could go on forever, really. There is so much literature out there about it. The novel has been recommended to me which I have added to my list (another really long one). I’ll end it here and just hope that you’re able to enjoy to the best of your ability amongst all the horror it brings to light.

It really is magnificent.

E x

455 – Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket


Prepare yourself for a lot of yelling in the first half hour! I almost feel like I was being trained as a Marine…

The first thing that comes to mind is the soundtrack.. what an odd soundtrack! Did you ever think you would here the song ‘going to the chapel’ in a war movie? I think I know why… there are a few things in the movie that contradict (like the peace symbol and then ‘born to kill’ on the helmet) but I think it’s all on purpose. To try and emphasise the different sides of war or maybe the different feelings of men in the war.

That’s as deep as I’m going! I actually found it a little slow, it really dragged on and I started getting a bit bored. I had no sad feelings for this war movie, in the end I was just like ‘WOULD YOU JUST KILL HER ALREADY?!’… sorry, spoiler alert.

Something that did interest me… There were a few lines that a hooker said which I have definitely heard before. Is this movie where ‘me love you long-time’ comes from? I almost cracked up at that one.

On the scale from 1-10 I give it a 4.

# 461 – Incendies



‘Wow’ is the first thing that comes to mind. What a twist! This movie is the perfect example of how to get emotion from your audience without showing too much. I hate a movie with a 5 minute rape scene. It’s just unnecessary. Incendies tells an amazing story, very heart-breaking, without making it awful to watch.

Adapted from a play, it follows a brother and a sister who try finding out about their mothers history after she dies. It switches between them following clues left behind in the present and their mother in the past. The story gets more and more unbelievable as time goes on.

There isn’t much info on it but it did win a handful of awards. It was subtitled, which doesn’t really bother me (it adds to the realness of it in my opinion) and a little confusing at times because it switches between people and cities. Apart from that it was really good, like I said before, heart-breaking and cruel but very well done.

# 463 – The Hurt Locker


Really good movie, not a favourite, but still good. It does well playing with my emotions! It’s such an unknown environment for civilians like you and me, which is what intrigues me the most. I’m always interested in seeing the inner workings of these kind of jobs, especially with bombs. I can never wrap my head around how one little piece of metal can cause so much damage.

Most of the time it makes me angry, it’s hard to understand why. I would have liked an… ‘And they all lived happily ever after’… ending. But no, ‘war is a drug’. And I think they could have gone a bit deeper with the characters but apart from that it’s great.

Also directed by Kathryn Bigelow, the first woman to receive an Academy Award for best director on this movie. You go girl.

# 468 – The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter


Hmm, tough one to write about.
First thought was how young De Niro and Walken look! Sometimes I forget that these guys weren’t always oldies!

Great story, very emotional. But waaaayyy to long. I think the same effect could of been had in a 90 minute movie. I liked it but at the same time was agitated because it took so long. I think the point of it all was the aftermath of war and how it changes people, so I guess that’s why they stretched out the before and afters but still, I didn’t get as into it because of that.

Loved the bromance, felt very realistic. As did the Russian roulette scenes, my heart beat a little faster every time they were about to pull the trigger.

Worth watching if you’re a war movie fan, just make sure you leave yourself a good 3 hours! Gets a 5 on my scale.